Friday, May 14, 2010

Trevor's 12th

Trevor's birthday was on Wed. and I was not quite ready to say much positive, in fact I got angry that evening because his wax museum project was due today and it was no where close to being done. I am reliving my experiences with Jordan all over again. Their personalities are very similar and all I can tell myself is eventually they will figure things out (just give them 20 years). Trevor has always been my sensitive child. He brought this with him from the preexistence because living in our house you gotta be tough or you will get run over. He has always been very affectionate with me and aware of others' feelings. There was a time we were all at the store and Gary and I decided to split up and look for different things and all the kids wanted to be with him (of course, because Dad is the cool one). Trevor looked at me and said "I'll go with mom, 'cause I don't want her to be lonely." I can still count on an I love you sign when I drop him off at school. It really makes my day. Another quality that he has is gratitude. A couple of years ago he asked me to come and have lunch with him at school and I really didn't want to. Gary said I should go because he is usually the one that does that sort of thing and it would be good for me. I went and he was so thoughtful. After lunch, we walked out to the playground and he just hung out with me. I told him he could go and play with his friends and I would leave but he just stayed with me. When I picked him up after school, he said, "Thank you, mom, for coming and having lunch with me." I didn't regret going. I was so amazed at this new baby in our home when he was born, because not only was he a boy, but he had blonde hair and blue eyes. He felt like an oddball for the first 5 years or so of his life, but I think now he enjoys being different. Trevor is looking forward to holding the Priesthood. Probably 5 yrs. ago, Gary got sick and was resting on the couch and Trevor tried to give him a blessing. He got upset when I let him know that you have to have the Priesthood to give blessings. I know that Heavenly Father understood the sweet intentions of this little boy. Trevor will be more than willing to accept the responsibilities that come with holding the Priesthood. Last week I was so glad that the Primary chose 'Mother, I love you' to sing in Sacrament meeting. When Trevor was not quite 3, the Primary learned this song for Mother's Day and the girls would sing it at home, so Trevor learned it also and he would wrap his arms around my neck and sing it just to me. No other children's voices and no other audience members. Just me. So it was very fitting for his last opportunity to sing in Sacrament meeting was this song. Very emotional for me. Anyway, I am just grateful that Heavenly Father knew I needed this boy in my life he really does make me a better person.

Last week he was in the Hope of America. Only a mom would be able to find their child in the Marriott Center in this group of kids. A nice patriotic performance that I get to attend every 3 years.
And here are the Wax Museum Results:

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