Friday, April 22, 2011

A Forever Family starts here:

We've been so busy with wedding business that blogging about it just hasn't been a priority. We are having a hard time figuring out how we got from this:

to this:
in such a short time. It feels like this was us just yesterday. Only I feel like our love is so much deeper now.

Gary drove out to Maryland with Brooke, Sadie, Trevor, Blake and Mckenzie while Kodee and I flew with Niki. They had lots of adventures including snow and 90 degree weather in the same day, while I got to visit the airplane restroom 3 times on the way to D.C. Kodee thought they were pretty cool. Me...not so much. Gary took the kids to the Smithsonian, the zoo and we all went to the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial. The boys went to the International Spy Museum and from Trevor up went to the Holocaust Museum. We enjoyed having Natalia hanging out with us for the week. I'm pretty sure she went home to her family and told them how goofy we all are. It was really a lot of fun.
It was so nice to stay at Kevin's parent's home. We were hoping to play hide & seek but were sure they might call off the wedding due to our weirdness. It gave us a chance to get to know the family that our daughter will be a part of. It was so rewarding to see their whole family in the temple together and something that we are so looking forward to some day. What an awesome sealing ceremony. The spirit was so strong and I could feel their posterity surrounding them. I'm sure that I have only felt a portion of the joy that our Father in Heaven feels as an eternal family is formed. It has been hard to realize that my baby is not coming back to my home again, but it is a lot like sending your child off to kindergarten. I thought that it would get easier with each one, but I still cried (and occasionally still do) when I took #6. I know that they were meant to be together and that they make each other happy. When my kids are happy, I am happy! The day was so beautiful even with the rain and I am grateful that I have taught Jordan to be a strong individual and to follow the promptings of the spirit. I am also thankful for the man that Kevin is. We tried so hard to get him to say some silly comments for her bridal shower but he wouldn't have any part of it. He even got emotional and you can just feel the love he has for Jordan. When I get sad about having to let go of her, I feel peace in knowing that he cares for her. I think of where Gary & I are today and realize that I would never want to take the opportunity from my kids of having the joy I feel with my eternal companion. I truly am learning more about how Heavenly Father feels about us every day.
Congratulations to the beautiful/handsome couple.....Dad says almost as good looking as we are!!! May you have eternal happiness always!