Tuesday, November 30, 2010


So last night we were going to watch Mr. Krueger's Christmas but I couldn't find it. As I was looking for something on lds.org I found a couple of youtube videos about Thanksgiving. We watched them and then we started with the youngest and we each said a few things we were thankful for. It was very sweet as we realized how blessed we are. Sometimes the improvised FHE's turn out the very best. I'm grateful for my family.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


So every year at Thanksgiving the school does a Turkey Trot. Kenzie was so excited to participate.

And being in Kindergarten, they got to dress up as Pilgrims and Indians and have a feast. I get sad realizing that these occasions go so quickly. I remember the other kids getting to do these kinds of things and I can't believe that I still get emotional when I am able to savor these moments in my children's lives.

Kenzie also had to decorate a turkey so that it would be able to hide and not get eaten. In FHE we all gave suggestions of what she should do with it. This is how it turned out:
Pretty Cute little Santa Turkey!!!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Funny, Funny, Funny...

So this morning a lady was cruising our neighborhood wanting to ask questions. I'm assuming she is looking at the house on the corner. She was asking how many kids were on the block and if there were teenagers and dogs, like that one down the street that was wandering. Yeah, that would be MY dog that I was calling after in my pajamas. Impressive, huh? She seemed really nice so hopefully I didn't creep her out and scare her!!!

And Brooke took the girls down to have lunch with Gary and were sharing an ice cream bar. Well, Kenzie took a bite and then Brooke took a bite and they both had weird expressions on their faces. Brooke started grossing out as she realized that Kenzie had just lost her other tooth in the ice cream bar and it was now in her mouth. Way nasty, but hysterical!!! Gotta love those moments!!!
Random Silliness:

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Kenzie lost her first tooth!

It was just hanging there for a couple of days and Gary was finally able to pull it out on Thurs. Kenzie was so afraid it was going to hurt that she told him to stop, but to her surprise it was already out.

The morning after:
The Tooth Fairy brought her a gold dollar! She should lose another in the next couple of days.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Just a few pictures of what goes on at our house.

And yes, we did grow all these pumpkins in our garden!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Trip to D.C.

We went to D.C./Maryland for UEA break. It was so nice to spend time with Jordan and meet the people she has been working as a nanny for. She asked me what my favorite thing that we did was. Mostly it was just spending time with her, because I know that our time with having her as just ours is running out and one day she will belong to someone else. I know that is what we want for our children, but letting go is hard. Enjoying them as adults is easier though. The pictures are from the many sites we went to. I have to say the FDR Memorial was definitely my most favorite. I was able to see a bit of the man and president that he was, very touching. Jordan also took us to Cirque de Soleil. We decided it was an adult circus, even though that sounded like it was kind of a naughty show. Thanks again, Jordan, we had a blast. And we went to the Temple with her neighbors across the street. It was comforting to know that my kids were in good hands at home. Thanks Niki for taking time off of work for us to take this trip.

On the plane:
National Archives:
WWII Memorial:

Jordan at the WWII Memorial:
The Star Wall representing those who died in WWII:
The Washington Monument from the Lincoln Memorial:
Gary & I at the White House:

D.C. Temple
Jordan & FDR:
Jordan feeding the squirrel:

Iwo Jima Statue:

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Getting Old and Enjoying It

Yesterday was Gary's birthday. I went and did the things that he wanted to do, because that is what you do when you love someone. We went to the BYU game which was good because we had really good seats and they won, but not a good game because they killed UNLV. How entertaining can a game be when it ends 55-7, really?

Then we went to Outback. One of our all-time favorite restaurants. And bought groceries on the way home. Then, of course, birthday cake with the family. Kind of a nice, get absolutely nothing done day!!!!
But....I feel like I need to add a few thoughts for Gary since he did our Anniversary Post. I also need to allow Trevor the opportunity to know that I do have a soft side, because apparently he thinks that I am as hard as a rock. I am going to add a couple of songs to our playlist, because if I hear them I still get choked up. Seven years ago we made the decision to take a position as Assistant Manager. Gary came down to Utah while I stayed in Idaho so the kids could finish the school year and I could have McKenzie with doctors that I was familiar with. Now looking back on it, I realize how much we grew and appreciated each other in that time. But I truly felt that it was our love and prayers for each other that helped to keep us strong. Each time Gary got in the car to come home or drive back to Utah I prayed for his protection. I felt that we had angels around us helping our family, because I'm sure I wouldn't have had the energy to do it all alone.
I also ponder a lot about how many future Anniversaries and Birthdays we will have together. Maybe I look at things too realistically, but I have learned to appreciate them more since Gary's heart attack. I look forward to going on a mission as a couple or being the old people walking together and then sometimes I wonder if we are going to make it to that point. I remember thinking, "Heavenly Father, Please don't take him yet. I can't do this on my own." I don't know if I will ever feel like I can do it on my own, but I always have the peace in knowing that Jesus is by my side to bear my burdens and make them light. For now, life is good and it is ok to get old, because it beats the alternative. One day we will be ready to meet our Maker, but for now we will continue to prepare for that day. Maybe the Second Coming will come first. That would be awesome!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Through the eyes of a 2 yr. old

This is what happens when a 2 yr. old gets hold of your camera. She is getting pretty good at taking pictures. Usually it is Sadie's, but mine was on the bar ready to upload pictures from D.C. Lucky me. These are only a few. Aren't we lucky she didn't use up a whole roll of film? Digital is so nice!!!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Playing Turtle

This is a common sight every morning after the girls get out of the shower:
I let them play turtle for a few minutes before they get dressed. Some days I would like to do the same, but I'm sure it just wouldn't look as cute, nor would their towels cover me like they do them. Cute little girlies. I just love them.