Monday, November 22, 2010

Funny, Funny, Funny...

So this morning a lady was cruising our neighborhood wanting to ask questions. I'm assuming she is looking at the house on the corner. She was asking how many kids were on the block and if there were teenagers and dogs, like that one down the street that was wandering. Yeah, that would be MY dog that I was calling after in my pajamas. Impressive, huh? She seemed really nice so hopefully I didn't creep her out and scare her!!!

And Brooke took the girls down to have lunch with Gary and were sharing an ice cream bar. Well, Kenzie took a bite and then Brooke took a bite and they both had weird expressions on their faces. Brooke started grossing out as she realized that Kenzie had just lost her other tooth in the ice cream bar and it was now in her mouth. Way nasty, but hysterical!!! Gotta love those moments!!!
Random Silliness:


  1. Nothing like a tooth on top of your ice cream! haha.