Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Faith to Move Mountains


I have faith to move mountains---of laundry, that is. This is a common scene in our house. I refuse to put it in my room and move it from bed to floor or basket, because I enjoy and need a good night's sleep. I can keep the clothes clean, but for some reason more clothes magically appear as soon as I have my couch back. Gary says we should just buy a 2nd couch and then our problem will be solved. Huh, maybe I should take him up on that one. When does the man suggest buying a couch????

Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Touch Of Spring

The other day I went into Costco to pick something up. I had the little girls (Kenzie and Kodee) with me. We walked by the flowers and just couldn't resist looking at them. Oh my goodness! How cute were these flowers?!? And so springy! Kodee convinced me to buy them. So I brought them home. Little did I know that my mom had actually seen them the day before and mentioned to my dad how cute she thought they were. So, us girlies came home with them and she asked if she had said something about them to me, which she hadn't. We both thought it was quite funny because we had both seen them and thought of how cute they were, while neither of us had mentioned it to the other. Since she had mentioned them to my dad though, we thought it would be funny to not tell him and see if he came home with the same flowers. He had it written on his hand, but had forgotten to buy them on his way out. They are so pretty though. Can't wait for spring!!! -jordan

Friday, February 19, 2010

What were we thinking?

Yes, we officially started a family blog. Why? Great question. We have talked about it for some time but never got it started.....now after working on colors, backgrounds and what not for some 5 hours, we know why we waited. This is stressful. We will see if we can get this up and running soon, that way we can keep everyone up to date on useless information from the Haynes' house. Wish us luck. Come visit us often! Gary