Sunday, July 25, 2010


So this dresser has been sitting in the garage waiting for me to paint. I couldn't find cute knobbies so I bought some wood flowers at The Wood Connection and made my own. Here is the final result:

Friday, July 23, 2010

Families Are Forever.....

Aren't we so blessed to have this knowledge. Last Saturday we went to the temple to witness Nicole's 4 children sealed to Gary's brother, David. Sometimes I wish my kids could have this experience because it is such a beautiful sight to see these children walk into the sealing room all dressed in white. I am grateful that my children are sealed to Gary and I and for the blessings that we enjoy because of this. I hope one day to be surrounded by my children in the temple on their wedding days.


Last Friday we went to the copper mine. It was free. Not that $5 per car is a rip off, but an excuse to do something that my kids have never done. I feel like I didn't take advantage of sightseeing while we were in Idaho. I felt like we would be there forever, so we could always see things another day. I don't want move and regret not going to these places. But then, maybe we'll be in Utah forever. Plus, Blake earned a Cub Scout Patch while we were there. Pretty amazing at how the place does their mining.

Of course my kids were climbing on the railing!!!!
I have a picture of my sister Niki and I sitting inside this tire many years ago.

Guess who doesn't fit into this family!!! The height gives her away. We love having you around, Kayla!!!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

This is the Place

Last Friday we went to This is the Place. It was free. I like that. Plus, they gave away popsicles and water all day long and had lots of free crafts. So I splurged on ice cream. Blake and the little girls got to ride horses and of course they all took the train ride. Lots of fun and a nice reminder of our Pioneer Heritage.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Not Again!?!?!

So, Monday evening Brooke and I go to take Andy's car down to the train station so he can get himself home at 4:30 a.m. Brooke is in the van following me in Andy's car when I look in the rear view mirror and there is a highway patrolman pulling Brooke over. My first instinct was to protect my baby, but then I realized I need to pull off of the freeway and wait it out. Then I got furious thinking maybe she was texting. Well, turns out he said that she was following me too closely and after her explaining that she was indeed following her mom he let her off with a warning. Still scary to get pulled over on the freeway and not have any idea what you were doing wrong, because we were definitely not speeding!!!

Friday, July 9, 2010


A couple of weeks ago McKenzie mentioned that she wanted to get her ears pierced. So after Gary and Trevor left for Scout Camp on Monday we headed up to the mall and met Niki there. We had to wait a while because 3 sisters were getting theirs done. So we had plenty of time to pick out earrings. Dakota looked at them also and picked out blue flowers, while Kenzie picked out pink flowers. So typical of their personalities.
I was hesitant about doing Kodee's, but let her watch Kenzie to see what she thought. Kenzie's eyes welled up with tears after the first one and after the second cried for a minute. After a couple of minutes she said that they didn't hurt anymore.
She's glad she did it. As for Kodee, as soon as we said Kenzie was done, she said, "My turn." I thought that if she picked out the same ones she had decided on earlier that I guess her mind was made up. And yes she picked out the blue flowers again so we did hers also. No crying out of her.
We handed her a sucker when she was done and then she wanted to stay and watch the next girl get hers done as well. Kenzie is great about remembering to clean their ears 3 times each day. They are pretty cute together.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Practice makes perfect, right???

A few times a week I get the privilege of watching baby girlies for the night. We have a fantastic time. We have parties at all hours of the night. Yep. Sometimes they have competitions to see who can scream louder. (But not for me.) They are usually nice and calm. *usually* Personally, I think it is because I play the Children's Songbook CDs all night. It sure does keep me relaxed anyways. And this is what it looks like when everything is peaceful...

Bottle stuff
Plenty of bottles
Lots of pacifiers and the schedule so I can keep track of who ate what and what came out the other end. Hahaha.
Coffee table with all my things I could possibly need.
Computer, music, phone, chapstick
Ensign, notebook, letters from missionaries&paper to write them back
Scriptures and the book I am currently reading- The Wednesday Letters
The lovely couch I sleep on. It's too cold in the basement, so I stay on the main floor with them.
Libby sleeping in the pack n' play. She doesn't like the light so that is why her blanket is half covering her face.
Carly in her "baby Moses basket"
Well, Libby is waking up to eat. I better go. Gotta feed her so I can catch some zzzzzzzz's. Happy 4th of July weekend!!! -jordan