Friday, July 23, 2010


Last Friday we went to the copper mine. It was free. Not that $5 per car is a rip off, but an excuse to do something that my kids have never done. I feel like I didn't take advantage of sightseeing while we were in Idaho. I felt like we would be there forever, so we could always see things another day. I don't want move and regret not going to these places. But then, maybe we'll be in Utah forever. Plus, Blake earned a Cub Scout Patch while we were there. Pretty amazing at how the place does their mining.

Of course my kids were climbing on the railing!!!!
I have a picture of my sister Niki and I sitting inside this tire many years ago.

Guess who doesn't fit into this family!!! The height gives her away. We love having you around, Kayla!!!!

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  1. i love being with you guys!! thanks again for taking me!!!!!!!!!! :)