Friday, July 9, 2010


A couple of weeks ago McKenzie mentioned that she wanted to get her ears pierced. So after Gary and Trevor left for Scout Camp on Monday we headed up to the mall and met Niki there. We had to wait a while because 3 sisters were getting theirs done. So we had plenty of time to pick out earrings. Dakota looked at them also and picked out blue flowers, while Kenzie picked out pink flowers. So typical of their personalities.
I was hesitant about doing Kodee's, but let her watch Kenzie to see what she thought. Kenzie's eyes welled up with tears after the first one and after the second cried for a minute. After a couple of minutes she said that they didn't hurt anymore.
She's glad she did it. As for Kodee, as soon as we said Kenzie was done, she said, "My turn." I thought that if she picked out the same ones she had decided on earlier that I guess her mind was made up. And yes she picked out the blue flowers again so we did hers also. No crying out of her.
We handed her a sucker when she was done and then she wanted to stay and watch the next girl get hers done as well. Kenzie is great about remembering to clean their ears 3 times each day. They are pretty cute together.

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