Friday, July 2, 2010

Practice makes perfect, right???

A few times a week I get the privilege of watching baby girlies for the night. We have a fantastic time. We have parties at all hours of the night. Yep. Sometimes they have competitions to see who can scream louder. (But not for me.) They are usually nice and calm. *usually* Personally, I think it is because I play the Children's Songbook CDs all night. It sure does keep me relaxed anyways. And this is what it looks like when everything is peaceful...

Bottle stuff
Plenty of bottles
Lots of pacifiers and the schedule so I can keep track of who ate what and what came out the other end. Hahaha.
Coffee table with all my things I could possibly need.
Computer, music, phone, chapstick
Ensign, notebook, letters from missionaries&paper to write them back
Scriptures and the book I am currently reading- The Wednesday Letters
The lovely couch I sleep on. It's too cold in the basement, so I stay on the main floor with them.
Libby sleeping in the pack n' play. She doesn't like the light so that is why her blanket is half covering her face.
Carly in her "baby Moses basket"
Well, Libby is waking up to eat. I better go. Gotta feed her so I can catch some zzzzzzzz's. Happy 4th of July weekend!!! -jordan

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  1. Hey girl! Great post!! I've been thinking about you this week wondering what DC is like on the 4th of July! Do you have any big celebrations planned?