Wednesday, May 19, 2010

She cracks me up

This is the bookcase that we bought when Jordan was probably Kodee's age. We used to reward her with books at the store when she was good and had started a great home library. I got tired of finding the books all over the floor and so I stuck them in so tight that they couldn't get them out. I am having the same problem now except I can't tell if the books were taken out first to read or if the girls got this brilliant idea to use it as bunkbeds for their dolls. I was going to pride myself on becoming a better mom over the years, but on Sat. I had picked the books up 3 times and when I went in on Mon. morning and started picking them up again I refrained from bursting into tears. So I shoved the books in the second shelf really tight and left the top one as their reading material. Today the whole top shelf is again on the floor along with the puzzles that were on top of the bookshelf. I told Kodee to go put them away and she told me no, so she officially got a spanking (ok--I just spelled it spanken and spell check showed me that it was wrong so I fixed it, but I don't like calling it a spanking because it was one swat and not so much for not picking up the books as much as for saying no really snotty like.). She can be quite the little stinker!

Ok, Kodee really loves to swim. She thought that I was going to take her swimming this evening(the 13th) and I told her that it was late and time for bed, so she said that Dad was going to take her when he got home. I convinced her to let me change her diaper because she was falling asleep and this is what she slept in. Silly, silly girl.

This is when the Blake and Kenzie play with Little People and don't clean them up. Gary went to put Kodee to bed and said, "I hope she doesn't wake up to get in our bed tonight, because she will probably trip and fall." She didn't. Instead she just slept in the Little People box with them.

This girl makes me crazy. It's a good thing she's so cute.

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