Saturday, May 29, 2010


Happy 6th Birthday!!!!!
Kenzie getting ready to go get a new bike on her birthday:

Back when McKenzie was the Baby:

McKenzie turned 6 last week and I haven't found the time to blog about her. She really is a sweet little girl that has really grown up this past year. When we moved to Utah she was just a newborn and now look at her. She is one of our sensitive children who always thinks of others' feelings. She can come up with some deep thoughts especially when she comes home from church. She got really sad when she watched UP and realized that they couldn't have a baby. I get sad knowing that she will go off to school in the fall. I get even sadder when I think of her losing her cute little baby teeth and getting big, bucky beaver teeth that seem to take a few years to grow into. I think of her getting hurt feelings at school and not having me there to tell her it's ok. Life is still good. She really has been a good little friend to have around while everyone else is at school. She likes to stay up late with me and sleeps in till noon. Some days she misses a lot of action in the morning. She has been on this crazy kick lately that her dentist will love. She brushes her teeth with me and then insists I floss for her. Kind of silly, because no one else flosses very often. She is so helpful with Kodee. When Kodee pulls her hair, she will just cry and yell for me. Some days I want to tell her to do it back, but I don't want to teach her things that will come naturally as she gets older. When I get angry at her she gets very upset and goes to her room to find her 'favorite'. That's what she has always called her blanket. (And then she sucks her thumb and thinks about things until she is calm.) We thought that she was the end, so she did all of the things I always said I would never do again. The 3 things were: suck her thumb, get attached to a blanket and sleep in our bed. We even bought her a brand new crib and she never used it. Thank goodness Kodee came along and got good use out of it.

Mckenzie is our Bashful Dwarf:

Aspen, Kenzie, Emily & Boston:
Thanks Kenzie for sharing your sweet personality with me these past 6 years.


  1. OMG, i can't believe that picture of all the girls. Were they really that little when we first met you all???? Happy bday cute Kenzie. hope Bro Nelson didn't forget about your bday. I will have to ask him.

  2. Kenzie is adorable! Aspen adores her and they play so well together. Thanks for having her over for a fabulous party. I love the pic!