Friday, April 9, 2010

"Spooning" at 1:30 in the Morning?

What did we do for our spring break you ask? Well, since this year didn't take us away from Lehi, we just did some things around the house and did some fun stuff together. Now for you weirdos who took the title the wrong way, no we did not spoon as a family......however, here it is 1:30 in the morning and the entire family (except Kodee) is playing spoons. Yes the classic card game, "Spoons". One little variation to the Haynes Family Rules.....someone hides the spoons around the house and when one player gets their 4 of a kind, they take off running around the house looking for a spoon with all other players in hot pursuit. I guess it is kind of our way of throwing a little more competition into it. Who is the most competitive in this challenging game, if you guessed Mom (Lissie), you are right. Yep, she pushes the kids out of the way in an effort to ensure a victory. Pretty crazy house! As we look around the neighborhood, we notice that everyone else appears to be sleeping (or "spooning" =-) ) boring is that? By the way, Kodee slept through the whole thing. I guess she must be used to the craziness and noise. It is very noisy in here during game time! If you are ever bored or need anything at 1:30 in the morning, you know where to go! Good Morning/Night??? Gary


  1. um no thanks, I am with little lady, I like my sleep and i like it early. So have fun spooning, i won't even dream of you spooning. zzzzzzzz

  2. Dad :) I love you. I'm jealous I didn't get to play with you guys. Sounds like fun! Your whole entry made me laugh a whole lot. Love you family!