Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Blake turned 9 in February and recently earned his Wolf in Cub Scouting. He is such a geek for gadgets. We sure do love him. He definitely keeps us entertained and we have decided that maybe Brooke isn't the adopted one. He is so silly and some of his videos of him talking to himself on photo booth are so hilarious. I'll have to see if I can teach myself how to add one to our blog, because my description doesn't do it justice. Well, Pack meeting was during spring break and Gary and I also had our Hale Center Play scheduled for the same night. He still received his Wolf, just without his parents there. Thank you Cub Scout Leaders, you don't realize the impact you have on these boys. Some days I don't feel like a good mom. But we are proud of him and thanks Jill for taking some pictures!!!

And Dirty Rotten Scoundrels was very enjoyable. Thanks Niki for the tickets. The gift that gives to us all year long.

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