Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I always have multiple projects around that need to be completed. These actually got done. The pillows are from leftover material that I used to make my sister a shower curtain and will go with Jordan's comforter. I want to make some pink pillows to go with them, but since I don't have the material laying around I can wait until she comes home to do those. I thought the chicks would be fun for the kids to do, but no one ever volunteered, so I did those too. It was nice to have them done in time for Easter and Dakota has been into Bumblebees and Ladybugs so that is why the ladybug. I am also trying to finish a comforter for Sadie's bed. I bought the material a couple of years ago and am determined to get it done soon. But that means the rest of the house goes to pot. In this instance, does that mean down the toilet or on drugs? Whichever will keep the house happy, huh?

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  1. Two things. One, you make me laugh. Alot. And two, I LOVE my pillows! They match perfectly :)