Sunday, March 14, 2010

Washington D.C!

Hope Diamond- 45.52 carats!

I thought this was cool. Hagerman Fossil Excavation. We lived near here when we lived in Idaho. If I remember correctly, I went there on a field trip at one point or another. That was a long time ago though. Haha.

Entrance to the National Museum Of Natural History

In front of the Washington Monument

Washington Monument

So on Saturday, I was able to take my first visit into D.C. Chris showed me how to use and read the Metro map and where I should head first. It was a very rainy weekend, but I was determined to at least see a few things. I was able to go to the Smithsonian National Museum Of Natural History and then I walked over to the Washington Monument. They were out of tickets for the day to go in it, but it was still exciting to walk around it and kind of get a feel for where everything is. I have always loved history and am so excited to be here and able to experience it all!


  1. i am sooo jealous!!! i want to go there!!!!1 (: haha
    love ya

  2. Very cool Jordan, soak it all up while you are there!

  3. so you know the big pond, lake, body of water thing in front of the washington monument? yeah totally fell in it when I was there. haha. Looks like you are loving it!

  4. it looks like you are having an amazing time!(: Love you tons!!!!(: