Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Days off and a Leprechaun Trap....Seriously?

Last week's day off (I call it a day off, but really it is Gary's day off) this is what we (ok...he) accomplished. Our food storage closet was overflowing. We didn't have much access to it and it was hard to find anything that we are willing to rotate. Some of it really is food storage, meaning I really only intend to store it and eat it on my death bed. So with Jordan gone for a year we decided to utilize her room. We'll have to rearrange again next year, but for now we can add to it and know what we have.

So, yesterday was his day off again and of course we try to accomplish something in the day while the kids are at school. He ran a few errands, which consisted of buying this shelf so we can move the games, which we have accumulated over the last 20 years, to the food storage closet downstairs. He also picked up movies (5 of them), for us to watch when the kids get to bed. He also began spring cleaning the garage because it was definitely an enjoy the weather day and the kids need to be able to ride their bikes on these kind of days. Well, the kids get home from school and I realize how grateful I am for his day off before Blake's Leprechaun Trap is due. I mean whose idea was this anyway? I had to ask Blake how big a Leprechaun was because as far as I know the man that Gary and I saw at the airport 20 years ago all dressed in a green suit with a green suitcase to match was a Leprechaun. I mean, what are the odds of really catching him and stealing his gold. Well, Gary was so good to help with this project that there was no way I was going to laugh or complain about how it looked. Needless to say, both boys (meaning Trevor and Blake) were a little on the tired side this morning.

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