Sunday, June 27, 2010

Our Crazy Week

This week has been pretty busy, well every week seems to be busy. This is what we have been doing:

Monday-Sadie left for Soccer Camp. Injured her knee the first day, but continued to play and finally scored on the last day. She said it was a blast. We missed her a little! Trevor had practice all week at 7 a.m. Went to the movie at Vet's Park for Round-Up week. Kind of a late night but most of us like to be up late anyway and don't have a problem sleeping in.

Tuesday-We all had dentist appt. Yay for no cavities, so we bought lunch on the way home to celebrate. Then, YW and YM.

Wednesday-The washer started leaking. It is amazing the information on the internet. Gary tipped the washer over and took the part off. I googled washing machine parts and put our model in and matched up the part and ordered it. Way awesome how we can use technology.

Thursday-Brooke and Trevor mowed the lawn(1/2 each). We wouldn't want the work load to be unfair or anything. Blake had practice and then we went to the Rodeo. What a fun tradition.

Friday-Sadie came home. Niki helped me get some laundry done as well as running a few loads at the laundromat. Crazy how many clothes our family goes through. The air conditioning isn't working on the van, so I told Gary he could take it to work.

Saturday-Got the part. Don't pay for quicker delivery, because FedEx was pretty quick with the 2-5 day delivery. Gary and Sadie served breakfast for the Lehi Girl's Soccer Team Fundraiser from 6-10 a.m. Gary, Brooke and Trevor went fishing in the evening.

Somewhere in there Gary worked a billion hours and didn't get much sleep with the Gillato machine getting put in at work. I got my VT done, which isn't a difficult task, since I love my comp and the ladies we visit. I always look forward to Sunday because we really do get to just be together as a family and put the craziness of the world out of our minds. It is nice to just reflect and know what is really important in life. Gary had to work this Sunday. We miss him without our lifesaver supply (ok he's more than that). And I think he might miss his nap (not at church of course. after!).

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  1. AMEN, sista, i missed the lifesavors today. And AMEN again to the VTing comp. The best in the west. Haha just kidding.