Monday, January 17, 2011

Meeting Kevin

Jordan and Kevin came to visit this past weekend. For Family Home Evening, we took a vote to see if he could be in our family and these are the comments that were made:

Kodee: Kevin's not a grill, he's a boy!
Kenzie: I gave him a hug!
Blake: Who's Kevin?
Trevor: He's funny and friendly. Needs a little work on his funny faces.
Sadie: He fits right in.
Brooke: Well......I suppose he's alright. He's pretty cool, but don't tell him I said that.
Gary: Dude, is that my jacket?
Me: It was very comfortable.

The kids were all really excited to meet him, so we stayed up late on Thurs. night. It was a good thing that was the only school night, because we stayed up late every night. Kenzie couldn't take it Friday night and fell asleep on the edge of the couch. Good thing we noticed rather quickly and carried her to bed. It was nice to have Sanae take their engagement pictures on Fri. and Jordan's dress was done being altered, so we were able to pick that up as well. Some major items to cross off the list.
As parents we were a little anxious about meeting Kevin and who was taking our daughter from us, but it went quite well. I kept looking for reasons not to like him, but really couldn't find any. He just fit right into our family and we had so much fun. Watching them reminded me of when Gary and I were engaged and so giddy for each other, o.k. sometimes we still act like that. But they were so cute together and I'm glad they make each other happy. We can't ask for more than that!

We also had a lesson on Temple Marriage from the FHE manual. It talked about some of the qualities that we need to have in a marriage and a sense of humor was actually in there. At least we have something going for us!!!!
Ok, Kevin, the vote was unanimous, you're in!!!!

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