Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Do Nothing Day

Keea is huge and only a few of us can control her. She is getting better when no one is around.

I decided not to clean today. These are some of the things I did instead:

Ok. I did vacuum the living room, did the dishes, and folded clothes. I also went to Sadie's soccer game this morning. She won. Trevor won his game yesterday also. Too bad I was driving back and forth instead of watching him. I really love to watch my children and their accomplishments.

Gary went to the BYU vs. San Diego State game on Wed. He said it was the best game he's ever been to. When he got home he stayed up till wee hours of the morning helping Trevor get his Science Fair project done, because I refused to help with it when T picked out his project. This is what I found when I got up the next morning:

I don't think it had anything to do with T's project!!!! But Gary did say that I'd got "Jimmered" whatever that means. Looking forward to Sunday, Church and our day of rest and time with the family with not much else on the agenda until Mon. when the chaos starts all over again.

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