Monday, December 6, 2010

Kodee....Man, She is silly!

I'm actually going to combine of few things about Kodee that have happened lately. On Sat. Gary was at a shop night dressed up as Santa and when he came home, she totally freaked out. So on Sunday evening Gary got dressed up again and she sat there and watched and still didn't think sitting on his lap was such a good idea. Sadie tried to tell her to close her eyes if she was scared, but she had to keep her eyes open so that she would know where he was at all times. He will probably dress up again, let's see if it gets any better.

And the other day she came out of her room naked again. This is how the conversation went:

Me: Did you pee in your pants again?
Kodee: No.
Me: Then go put your pants back on.
She then goes back into her room and puts on her underwear and pants which were, of course, wet!!!
Me: Kodee, take those off. You peed in them.
Kodee: You don't need to spank me, mom, I already did!
Me: Show me how you spanked yourself.
She then give herself a little pat on the bum. I just thought it was so funny. Not only will she put herself in the corner, but now she will spank herself. Apparently, those are not going to be very effective methods of discipline with her. There is a reason why she is the last. She makes us absolutely crazy at times.
This is a picture of her after she put beautiful sparkle gel on her face.

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