Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First Day of School Pics....

The kids have now been in school for 1 week. Kenzie started today, hence the week until a first day of school post. She has been so excited. So far everyone is happy. My carpool is like Heaven. When Sadie went to Saratoga Shores I drove her both ways everyday and now I am grateful there are so many from our Ward going out there. I never thought I would see the day when I enjoyed carpooling. This year will be both good and bad. Brooke is a Senior, Sadie in 9th, Trevor in 6th, Blake in 3rd and McKenzie in Kindergarten. Being the top dog at a school is pretty awesome for the kids, but seeing them move on to the next school is tough. My kids are growing up way too fast. I thought sending Kenzie would be no problem, because she is #6 and I kept her home an extra year. I still got emotional. Probably because I realize how quickly they go from Kindergarten to Graduation. I wonder how the goodbye in heaven went knowing some of us might not make it HOME. I will enjoy knowing that it is only 3 hours a day and then she will come home and talk my ear off. Hopefully Kodee doesn't make me too crazy. She thinks that she is going to school also. I have told her that she can't wear diapers to school, I'll have to think up something else when she decides to get potty trained.
Brooke (almost 18)
Sadie (14)
Trevor (12)
Blake (9 1/2)
Kenzie (6)

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